The Gnome


gnome~ ~Faster Kitty faster,

run to your master,

nasty boys chopped off your tail!

~ ~Yet, who is to blame?

Who meows her disdain?

Who hisses and spits on each male?


~ ~Scurry through the vines,

the boys close behind,

meows echo your anguish and pain.

~ ~Faster Kitty faster,

run to your master,

to the hut at the end of the lane.

~ ~Arms raised high,

shouting down the sky,

Master summons a name.

~ ~Fearing the gnome,

the boys race home,

their guts twisting in dread.

shadow person (1)~ ~At length, they sleep,

then, in shadow’s creep,

snatching each boy from their beds.

~~Never again are they seen,

Apart from Halloween,

where they wander the streets without heads.

copyright 2017 Deanie Roman


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