Shirotori Shrine & Tenjinyama Jo Castle*

~Please click on the link below and enjoy the adventure with special guest; Blanca the Chihuahua/Maltese mix!

Japan Treasure Hunters

So, last weekend, I climbed 1100 feet up the side of treacherous mountain to nose around a 15th century castle and do some metal detecting. The JTH video makes the climb look easy, but believe me, if not for a few trees dotting the trail, fallen logs and footholds, there wouldn’t have been much to grip on to hiking the treacherous vertical climb. For my metal detecting efforts, I dug up one nail and pull tab respectively—still, it wasn’t about the metal detecting for me.  It was more about the reward at hike’s end. The mountaintop was beautiful and so breezy! We heard all sorts of bird song; came across a couple wicked looking spiders, and listened to monkeys calling back and forth from across the ridge. Once we were at the bottom again (much easier on the way down!) I rousted the gods at the Shirotori shrine and said a prayer—a fitting end to a wonderful day with good friends. 

name: Tenjinyama castle (Tenjinyama-jo)
place: Tado Wake town, Okayama
structure: Mountain Castle
built: 15th century
remnants: moats & clay walls
Tenjinyama castle spreads across a long ridge northwest from the peak of Tenjinyama mountain, and alongside Yoshiigawa river in the east part of Okayama prefecture. This ridge is over 1650 feet long and sandwiched by sheer cliffs.


*JTH video is the sole property of Jon Lucas


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