Lurking ‘neath the moonlight clear

I see a shadow skulking near                      Creepy 2

An Unholy presence one to fear

My nightmare comes to life.


A vile fiend in an ebon cape

Its form a twisted inhuman shape

I imagine fangs upon my nape

Talons scoring my skin.


Is it Death at my back?

Can I withstand a sneak attack?

Will I end a bloody snack?

Or will I escape?

  I walk as quickly as I dare

         Unable to meet Its steely glare

    Praying to escape Its snare

And make it home alive.

As I scurry down the street

My heart trips an erratic beat

The leaves rustling at my feet

The wind whipping my hair.

Emerging from the dark of night

The mellow glow of my porch light

I thank the Angels home’s in sight

Salvation near at hand.

Jack-O-Lanterns line the gate

I grasp the latch, yet, hesitate

I ask myself, why do I wait?

Perhaps I dig my grave.

                                                             Yet, this may be my only chance

Scream SHOT    I gulp my fear and sneak a glance

           Is this fate, or happenstance?

Slowly… I… turn… and…


                      ~ author LeeLee March






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