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What a great way to spend Super Bowl Sunday reading a book that was totally unexpected! Ok so there is sex throughout the book, but there are great characters and the depiction of women in this era is very real. I didn’t know what to expect by looking at the cover which is a whole review by itself! But I’m glad I didn’t judge this book by its cover! What a great surprise!

Reviewed by: A. S.

In 1487, a tale begins, sizzling with heresy, murder, intrigue and a powerful love, woven by a true master (or mistress) of storytelling. In Charming the Chieftain, Ms Roman tells the story of Aeden, Chief of Clan Maxwell, who rescues beautiful Elisande from marriage with a monster and carries her away on a chase through the Lowlands of Scotland, to his home, Caverlark Castle, where he believes she’ll be safe from harm. It is only the first of several rescues that kept me on the edge of my seat, breathless to discover what happens next. Will Elisande survive? I’ll never tell. I would tell you I couldn’t put it down–because I couldn’t. Good? In a word, it’s wonderful. Charming the Chieftain is an impressive debut novel. My only regret, when I finished it, was that I’d reached, “The End.” I can’t wait to read your next book, Ms. Roman!
Reviewed by: Cate Parke
I enjoyed this historical romance although it did have a bit of violence in it. This is also book No. 7 in the Timeless Passion bundle of 10 Historical stories. I give it a 4.5* and I’m moving on to my next book. Even though the hero is rough around the edges, he really cares for the heroine and I was cheering them on.


Reviewed by: Nancy Luebke

I have never read this genre before and thought I’d give it a try; I’ve since read others of the same period and have to admit: Deanie Roman is by far the best I’ve read in a very long time. It’s obvious she understands the time period, knows how to turn things hot and to keep you turning the pages. Don’t wait to by this book…I’m glad I did! Can’t wait for her next book!
Reviewed by: K. Belkin
* * *


“… a good read. The people you need to like, you liked. And the ones you despised, you despised wholeheartedly … you won’t be disappointed.”

–4/5 stars, Cassandra Graham for BTSeMag Book Reviews
Nominated for Red Carpet Review Awards 2014

Romancing the Book:

Lady Elisande Cadby is having to marry someone against her will and the worst thing is her dad is making her go through the Rite of Purification. Her dad just listens to his second wife and doesn’t care for his daughter and believes everything she says just to get her out of the way. Elisande decides to run from Cadby Castle and find sanctuary somewhere else. All of a sudden she runs into someone and bites the fire out of him.

Chieftain Aeden Maxwell has been asked by his step-m0ther to save her niece and bring her to Scotland. He does it even though he doesn’t want to. When he see’s Elisande he knows that there is something about her that he can’t get away from. He remembers what his dad went through when his mom died. He thinks being in love is a weakness. Something he doesn’t want to fall under and he tries to hide his feelings that he feels for Elisande.

As soon as I started reading the book it drug me under it’s spell. I just couldn’t get enough and I will have to say that Elisande had such bad luck and I hated to see what she would have to go through again. I loved seeing these two together and you could see the sparks as soon as they saw each other. I knew there wouldn’t be a long wait to see them give into each other. The book had a great story line and the characters seemed real. I could just imagine riding a horse and seeing everything for the first time just like Elisande did. I would have to say that I would be scared to try something new. Having to travel from England to Scotland.

There wasn’t anything that i didn’t like about the book. It made me want to travel to Scotland more than I did before. I know things have changed since earlier times. It would just be great to see and experience some of the sites myself. Maybe if I beg and plead long enough I will finally get to go. If you love to read books about Scottish Highlanders and see how protective they are with their women then this is the book for you.

As soon as I started reading the book it dragged me under it’s spell… there wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about the book. It made me want to travel to Scotland more than I did before.”

reviewed by: Cryssy 
Eye On Romance

“...It has the brutality of fighting for leadership and the sweetness of love. It also has humor…”

reviewed by: Heather 

Dark Diva Reviews:

Superstition’s Desire by Deanie Roman turned out to be a very intriguing romance. I have to say, the title threw me off a bit, but in the end, very worth the time to read. Ms. Campbell succeeded in abandoning the traditional clichés and gave a true picture of the Scottish Lowlands and their lifestyle. Arabella transforms to a strong and soulful woman that sets her apart as our heroine. Connal is everything a reader hopes for in a historical. Masculine and tough to the world but gentle and seductive behind closed doors.

Superstition’s Desire keeps the reader in anticipation. Twists and turns of danger are layered with believability. You’re never quite sure how the suspense will unfold until the reader arrives at the conclusion. That style and cadence of Ms. Campbell’s writing is what kept me up far too late, turning page after page. One tempting hook after another!

The secondary characters were well crafted, each adding a depth and dimension to the story line. Not only was I enthusiastic about our heroine and hero, Ms. Campbell held my attention with the sub-plots. Superstition’s Desire is a full-bodied novel to say the least, which gave me hours of escape from everyday life. And that my fellow readers, is what a good book should do.

I would read another book by Lisa M. Campbell and be assured that it would be as equally fulfilling. Any reader will find themselves captivated by this well-crafted tale.
Rated 4/4 Delightful Divas by Em Epe!

Long and Short Romance Review:

I found Arabella an interesting character, lively but totally unaware of the effect she has on others. Connal on the other hand knows exactly where he stands in the order of things – except for when it comes to Arabella. Danger and adventure threaded through the story kept me interested.

The Scots language was very well handled in the dialogue. Not too much, but enough to put the reader in the Lowlands. Ms Campbell had done her research well and the scenery and background of Superstition’s Desire fitted naturally into the story. On the whole I enjoyed this novel and would be happy to read more of the same from Ms. Campbell.

 reviewed by: J. Thomas

Ghost Writer Literary Review:

I enjoyed the read. The writer has an easy flow with words and the interaction of her characters pulls readers in to her tale.

reviewed by: Chrystal 

Coffee Time Romance: 

Superstition’s Desire depicts lovely scenery and strong characterization that sweeps the reader into a tightly written story of intrigue, danger, betrayal and deep romance. I could actually feel the passion that immediately stirs when Arabella and Connal meet each other. I must say the way Kellan is portrayed; he is definitely a good villain. Deanie Roman. roman weaves an interesting story that flows well, and keeps one turning the pages. She knows how to craft just the right amount of tension, romance, and hidden desire to keep the pages turning in this moving read.

reviewed by: Cherokee 

All Romance e-Book Customer Review (#1)
Well crafted, believable love story that sweeps you back to the medieval period. Loved Arabella’s quirky superstitious nature and witty disposition. Also loved Connal! He’s a true alpha male for his time, but is very three dimensional and definately not perfect! This was a great debut novel and I hope to read many more books by this author. Superstition’s Desire is a story worth the read.

ARe Customer Review (#2)
This book made me laugh out loud and almost had me on the verge of tears at times. But what really made this story was the humorous dialogue and well felt passion between Connal and Arabella. It made them jump off the page.

ARe Customer Review (#3)

I was pulled in from the first paragraph! This story holds you in its grip and doesn’t let go until the last page. Adventure, romance, humor, superstitious rituals and great sex! I loved this book and hope it will be offered in print too. This is one story for the desktop and the shelf.

ARe Customer Review (#4)

The minute I picked up this book I couldn’t put it down! The easy interactions of her character’s made me feel I was right there with them. I felt I could step through the screen right into the medieval age. Arabella’s superstition’s were so funny and Connal’s long suffering attitude made me laugh out loud at times. Their passion felt real natural and not forced. I wish I could’ve read one page a day to savor the story, but like a potato chip it’s impossible to stop at just one!


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