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Plum Tree Tavern

Please click on the link below and enjoy my latest! https://theplumtreetavern.blogspot.jp/ photo credit: Meghan M Campbell

The Black Hills of South Dakota

I wrote this poem when I lived in the black hills of southwestern South Dakota, but it’s an homage to my time in North Dakota, too. ‘Great Plains Beauty’ is featured in the international on-line magazine, NatureWriting. Please click on the above link and…

It’s a Spring Thing~

Spring . . . Renewal, rebirth,  Abundant, fragrant, blossoms A-bloom. Photo(s) credit: Deanie Roman  

Poetry Chose Me…

The theme is ‘horror.’ Please click on the link and enjoy my latest! http://tribemedia.org/modern-haiku-by-deanie-roman/ *Tribe Media is an online, international magazine, and Editor Rosemary Long has decided to publish a few of my poems. As an added bonus, their talented illustrators have brought my…


The winter moon, suspended amidst the pines, lights the way.

Trick or Treat?

I spy a bowl of candy, It lures me up the stairs,      I feel the goosebumps dot my skin,                    as I near the witches’ lair. What secrets do they harbor? What evil brews…

Beware the Witch

The harvest moon obscures the night, when All Hallow’s Eve is Nigh. Beware the witch as she takes flight, a shadow in the sky. She seeks the souls of the young, currying favor with her Master. The promise of fear, blood and tears propels her…

LeeLee March

Born to Write


A picture tells a thousand stories!

Ben's Bitter Blog

"We make bitter better."

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

Irish History, Culture, Heritage, Language, Mythology


spare the crazy vocabulary, speak from your heart

Melinda Foshat

Poetry, Prose, Photography

Natalie Breuer

Natalie. Writer. Photographer. Etc.

Walking with Aki

Exploring land recently released by ice (geologically speaking)


A wee anthology of dark yarns.

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